New York Performers
SEAN "Physical Ed" WARDS (Performer) Yorkshire man by birth... raised by way of the big smoke, (London) and schooled in mime, hoofing and Boogaloo. Inspired by community theatre, disillusioned by commercial TV/Cinema and humbled through years of domestic meditation (dishwashing, veg prepping, etc.) thus a background in domestic utilities was spawned and the gateway to Stomp opened; he's been bruising boots ever since (5 years and running baby!!) and he probably won't stop till he finds the one... Love to all he knoweth, for they facilitate the growth!! Koexist... U$4... IKLY... Countdown... 2012... 2B3!?

FRITZLYN HECTOR is a dancer from Brooklyn, where she's an alum of Erasmus Hall Performing Arts and held “best dancer” title in senior year. She performed and choreographed for Italian recording artist Gala, MCA recording artist Inni Kamoze’s “Hot Steppa” at the Apollo Caribbean Music Awards and danced for the rap group The Roots. Fritzlynn was a principal dancer for Forces of Nature Dance Theater Company and traveled worldwide with them. She is thankful and ready for her Stomp journey. Also, thank you God and Kwame for Assane Kofi-Opare!

BRAD HOLLAND (Performer)flew to New York from Alabama to audition for Stomp and never went back. He was a percussion instructor at several schools in the south as well as an all-state drummer. His love of theatre sent him to the University of Montevallo, a liberal arts college, near Birmingham Alabama, where he acted in, directed, choreographed, and composed, many productions for the college and community. Now working with comedy troops and studying improv at UCB, Brad is also an aspiring producer and recording artist in NYC. He is extremely happy to be a member of the Stomp family and thanks his parents, brothers and friends for all their love and support.

STEPHANIE MARSHALL (Performer), a proud native New Yorker, made her stage debut in the 1976 Broadway production of Porgy & Bess. More recently, Stephanie has performed at Lincoln Center, INTAR, The Open Eye and in several music nightclubs in Greenwich Village. She has also appeared on TV's Guiding Light, on MTV's The Grind Workout Video, and as a print model in US, Essence, Allure, and Self magazines. Stephanie studied at Dance Theatre of Harlem and received a B.A. in Drama from Vassar College.

KEITH "WILD CHILD" MIDDLETON (Performer), Keith stars as the "Narrator" in the award winning IMAX film "Pulse", for which he has received critical acclaim (Pulsethemovie.com). T.V. credits include "Third Watch" to "Mad About You" to "Seasame Street", etc. Keith composed the music for the original play "Joe Fearless" written by Liz Tuccillo ("Sex and the City" and best-seller "He's Just Not That Into You"). He served as Choreography Consultant for the animated film "Robots". Keith produced music for Defined Mind (Definedmind.com), a vocab accelerator which is also distributed by Kaplan. Keith also produces and performs with his rap group HYDRA (Hydrahiphop.com).

YAKO MIYAMOTO (Performer) was born and raised in Japan. She resigned from Keio University, where she was studying chemistry, and came to New York in 1999. She established COBU (www.COBU-NY.com) which is a rhythm performance group uniting tap dance with the Japanese TAIKO Drum. She is proud to be the first Japanese woman in STOMP and thanks her family and friends for all their love and support.

RAYMOND POITIER (Performer) has been involved in music since he was a child. During junior and senior high school he was a percussionist with various marching bands and as a student at Florida A&M, he played with the Marching 100 Band. Raymond has worked extensively as an actor in Miami. He has also been trained in, and taught, martial arts, as well as danced in and choreographed many music videos. Raymond would like to thank all who have supported his growth and development as a performer, especially his mother and father for guiding him in the right direction.

MARIVALDO DOS SANTOS (Performer) is a percussionist, composer, dancer and capoeirista from Bahia, Brazil. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. As a composer, he has created music for Ballet Hispanico and Ballet Brazilian among others. Together with Davi Vieira, he has released a MD MC rap album (EMI) in Brazil. He has taught percussion workshops at the University of Paris, Stanford and Colorado. He has participated in numerous jazz festivals while touring and recently recorded with Steve Coleman.

CAMILLE A. SHUFORD (Performer) Performing forever.  Camille studied vocal, music history and theory at F.H. LaGuardia HS of the Arts and started her professional career at 16.  Since then, a mom of three, teacher and choreographer of dance and step shows.  Respect to Mom and Dad's guidance and the love and support of husband, Shu.

MIKE SILVIA (Performer) My parents bought me my first drum set at age nine. Now, after countless hours in the garage and studio, it allows me to express myself in ways you can only dream. I owe everything to my parents, Barbara and Mark, and to my brothers Tim, Mikey, and, Chris. God bless!

ELEC SIMON (Performer) is a percussionist and tapper. He co-wrote “HeartBeat,” a percussion, movement, traditional African rhythms, and tap piece. Elec thanks God, his mother, his dad, Brandy and the Kids, his “stepfather” George Hogan, all of his family and friends, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc, and the Arlington Church of God for making his dream come true. He dedicates every performance to his Dad, Eddie AKA “Bubba” Simon, who passed on March 4 2005, “I Love U Dad.”

CARLOS THOMAS (Performer), born on May 4, 1976 in Sodus, NY. Self taught organist, drummer, dancer and tapper. 1995-1998, THE YOUNG AMERICANS. First real dance performance on stage, 1995 "Girlfriend". Further training with Bill Brawley and Milton Anderson. Three OUT REACH TOURS. I would like to thank God, my mother, Bill Brawley, Ms. Robyn, and THE YOUNG AMERICANS. "Make it Work" Bah Dah!

FIONA WILKES (Performer) Trained as a dancer at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, but from the age of 9 played steel drums. She had a lead role as actress/dancer in the short film Fireflies and Stars. She has been involved in many Yes/No projects from performing to singing but after a year as rehearsal director with one of the North American STOMP companies, she is glad to be back with the original cast. The original Bin Bitch.
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 Steve Tour
SHOLA COLE (Performer) Is no stranger to performing. A classical pianist since age 6 and a trombone player at 15, she has been involved with music forever. She graduated from Uconn with a focus in music and women’s studies and also co-founded two women’s ensembles. She is grateful for the day she happened to look online for STOMP auditions. She would like to thank her Mom, Tau Beta Sigma, Harmonious Soul Rubyfruit, Jessie, and Hole in the Wall Gang for all their support.

LEILANI DIBBLE (Performer) A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Leilani has been studying tap, jazz, and ballet for over twenty years. Currently working on a chemistry degree, Leilani is excited to be performing in STOMP. She would like to thank her friends and family for all their love and guidance.

ANDRÉS FERNANDEZ (Performer) was born and raised in Hawaii. Since 1985 he has been singing and dancing with his older brother, Johnny, while touring the Hawaiian islands. Andres sang background vocals for his brother's album "Puede Ba" recorded in the Philippines. Andres would like to thank his brother for helping him realize his God-given talent and not letting it go to waste. Much Mahalo to God for all his blessings and to Mom, Dad, Bernie, son Keanu, his friends and family for all their love and support.

BILLY HICKLING (Performer) A native of old York, England, Billy's musical education was gleaned from the back of a transit van. From his formative experiences playing the pubs and clubs of Britain, prior to Stomp Billy spent the 1990's busking and touring throughout Europe. This has included playing with and for drunks, and appearing at any major festivals, with a wide variety of musicians. A successful audition rescued Billy from workaday purgatory in London. He says "Stomp is like a dream come true…but it HURTS". 

JOELL JACKSON (Performer) –Since Middle School 51 his dream was to join STOMP. He has been acting, dancing, singing, drumming, and entertaining forever. He thanks GOD, his family, Alan Zwirn, Lizzy Boo, and friends for helping him succeed in everything. He’s ready for the world and won’t hold back. ‘05 will NEVER die!

LOUIS LABOVITCH (Performer) Hello. After living with my drumkit in a van I went to California State University,Fresno, USA to study classical percussion. It turned out to be playing a triangle in an orchestra and not rocking out so I changed subjects to theatre. After graduating with a Theatre Arts Degree and Percussion Minor in 2001, I moved back to the UK and did various acting bits including roles in the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival and a short stint at LAMDA. I came into Stomp by meeting a man in a park, off Portabello Road, who knows more than we know.

MICHAEL R. LANDIS (Performer) Hometown: San Diego, CA. Music is Everything, and that’s why I’m here!! I played percussion with CRP productions for years, then was inspired by Chris Rubio to take my dream further. Taught by Michael Silvia, life-long friend, the way of the beat came to my heart. I thank Patricia, my mother, Steve, my father, and all my family and friends.

JUSTIN MYLES (Performer) hails from Mechanicsville, Maryland and is incredibly proud to be a part of STOMP. His mother’d tap danced with Justin in her womb, so you can do the math. Rhythm is life, (“so go in Rhythm y’all”). Thanks to God, family, mom, and friends… word!

JEREMY PRICE (Performer) Hailing from Roanoke, VA, Jeremy has been drumming since the ripe old age of twelve. Now, at the ripe old age of something else Jeremy continues to drum and is very happy to be a part of STOMP. He would like to thank his family and friends for their endless love and support……… THANK YOU!!

CHRIS FABIAN RUBIO (Performer) was born and raised in San Diego. A self-taught drummer and tap dancer he has been tapping and drumming on stuff since he was a little kid. He started his own company CRP Productions at the age of 18 and at 21 opened his own dance studio called Rubio's Dance Studio. He is proud to be a part of STOMP. Chris would like to thank God, his bro Josh, sister Crystal, Sara my love, the Cuddies, my friends and students for all their support. I dedicate all my performances to Mom and Dad, Yvonne and Ignacio Rubio, without their love and support this would not be possible.

STEPHEN "WACKI" SERWACKI (Performer) "You're here for a good time, not a long time." This is a motto that I've tried to subscribe to since day one. Expressing myself through everything from playing music, breakdancing, terrifying my four sisters to impersonating my friends has been a life-long work in progress. My sincerest gratitude goes out to anybody who has ever encouraged my idiotic behavior. See what you've done!

MICHELLE J. SMITH (Performer) is a Brooklyn native. At the age of 9, she was crowned “Little Miss Nubian Princess.” For winning, she received a scholarship to Harlem School of the Arts, where Michelle fell in love with dance. She has since trained at Ballet Hispanico, The Ailey School, LaGuardia High School and The Juilliard School where she received a BFA degree in Dance. Michelle thanks Mom and Pops, Tommaleek, family, friends, mentors, her students and Stefen for their support.

NICHOLAS YOUNG (performer) Nicholas began his professional career at fifteen as an apprentice with Tapestry Dance Company in Austin, TX under the direction of Acia Gray and Deirdre Strand. Studying Tap, Ballet and Modern, he moved from Principle Dancer to Resident Choreographer, spending more than eight years with this multi formed company and eventually earning him best male dancer in Austin, 2002.  He studied with Debra Bray, Diane Walker, Sam Weber, Eddie Brown, Sally Jaque, Dee McCandless and others. These influences gave him a rhythm foundation and endless inspiration.  In New York he has performed with Manhattan Tap Ensemble, Rumba Tap, Hoofin to Hittin and Cyro Baptista's ?Beat The Donkey.?  He has taight master classes and performed for the St. Louis, Tap City and Soul To Sole Tap Festivals as well as the American Dance Festival. Nicholas would like to thank his mother Linda for giving him his passion and dedication to movement and music.

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