Aloha howz'it...

Small children on Beach Welcome to Hawai`i's number one online fruit site, Hawaiian Fruits. Here we give you information for tropical and exotic fruits home grown here in Hawai`i from the islands of O`ahu, Maui, Kaua`i, Big Island, Molokai, and Lanai. Available is information on our company, recipes, and a way to get in touch with us.

Hawaiian Aloha We hope you find everything you were looking for within our site for those tasty fruits that the islands of Hawai`i provide. Come visit Hawai`i if you have never visited before because like the fruits, Hawai`i has many exotic attractions such as the local animals, the beaches, and the food. Hawaiian Fruits is committed to the best possible post-harvest treatment information to assure you the right information through Hawaiian Pride fruit quality and freshness. The electronic irradiation system offers a superior phytosanitary treatment to the hot and cold commodity treatments of our competitors.

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